Line Profit Team

Line Profit

About the program

Line Profit Team is a marketing strategy for Nexus Financial Management Limited developed by the Antares advertising platform. This program uses referral systems based on a linear compensation marketing plan.


The Nexus Financial Management Limited hedge fund has been successfully operating since 2010. The company is engaged in trading in such areas as the cryptocurrency market, Forex, the commodity market, stock market and venture capital investments with the help of professional traders, analysts and managers. One of the main advantages of Nexus is the distribution of trading funds in 5 directions. This diversification model protects the invested capital. In case of drawdown in one of the directions, profitability in other directions compensates for losses and gives a positive overall return.


You receive

  • Yield of up to 1.8% per day*
  • For 282–300 calendar days
  • Opportunity to participate in an affiliate program based on linear marketing, with a payout of up to 30% to the network



Program benefits


Yield on the investment package up to 1.8% per day, for a period of 282–300 calendar days


Nexus Financial Management Limited has been operating since 2010.

Extra profit

Extra profit both from personal investment and from active work in the affiliate program

Marketing plan

Integrated marketing based on a linear compensation plan with a payout of up to 30% to the network


Your investment is evenly distributed in 5 trading directions