Token Profit Team

About the program

Token Profit Team Program is a marketing strategy developed by the Antares advertising platform for promoting a tokenized option program for the Antares IPO, using a multi-level marketing model based on a linear compensation marketing plan.


Antares Ecosystem Products

Antares is developing not only as an MLM distribution platform, promoting various companies in the market, but also as a financial ecosystem, which will include:


Coin Capitalization
Cryptocurrency rate monitoring service


Antares Wallet
Wallet for instant conversion of crypto and fiat currency in both directions


Acquiring and merchant services


Antares Exchange
Full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange


Antares Pay
Our own payment system with Antares bank cards


Antares Broker
Our own brokerage platform


Antares Forex Bot
Forex trading bot developed by us


Antares Crypto Bot
Crypto trading bot developed by us


Antares Trading School
Own trading school


Going pubic

In the next 2 years, namely by 22/02/2022 , we plan to have filed for an IPO for the entire financial infrastructure, and got listed on one of the American exchanges, providing the opportunity to trade Antares shares to people all over the world.

For these purposes, we issued 1 million Antares tokens (ANT), which over time will increase in price and will have reached a price of $1,000 by December 31, 2021 .

The initial price of 1 Antares token is $1. After filing for an IPO, on February 22, 2022, Antares shall exchange its tokens for 200 Antares shares at the starting price of at least $10 per share at the time of the IPO launch, that is, the price of 1 ANT will be at least $ 2,000 .

Token holders who exchanged them for company shares can sell these shares on the stock exchange and thus make a profit, or remain shareholders and receive appropriate dividends as shareholders.


You receive

Token Profit Team


  • Ability to buy and sell tokens (ANT) between the partners of the company at the current exchange rate

  • Daily increase in the token rate (ANT) for 558 days (until December 31, 2021)

  • Referral program for the sale of token (ANT) purchase licenses in the affiliate structure

  • Ability to exchange tokens (ANT) for company shares after entering the IPO


Program benefits


From 1 to 5% per day, depending on the investment period


The company will conduct an IPO on February 22, 2022 and is ready to exchange user tokens at the exchange rate: 1 token (ANT) for 200 Antares shares, the starting price of 1 share at the time of the IPO launch is $10


Token rate (ANT) is predicted in advance, calculated and registered, so that you know the rate for each day of the option program in advance, until December 31, 2021


It;s you who chooses the terms for the purchase and sale of the token (ANT), that is, the entry and exit points of a transaction: the longer the transaction period, the higher the profitability


Antares already has several launched and working projects in finance, crypto industry and blockchain, which will be part of the ecosystem and IPO (Buyex, Coin Capitalization, Antares Wallet)