The official launch of the Antares platform

Today, March 2, 2020, marks the official launch of the international multi-platform company Antares, which operates on the basis of referral systems. The management of the company have taken into account the experience of previous international MLM projects and developed and assembled the most highly profitable tools ever on a single platform. Now, using the Antares platform, anyone can create an unlimited source of income for themselves, as well as take advantage of the model for developing, scaling and promoting startups, network and investment companies.

At this stage, the Independent Business Partners of Antares (IBPAs) have access to the Binar profit team investment program and the Interchange partner product, which helps track profitable rates and exchange real-time currencies for  , Antares internal currency. The Binar profit team investment program is a promotion of Catalyst, which employs 100 leading traders in the world’s most promising market segments.

At the moment, there are 4 investment packages in the program, with face value from 100 to 1,000   and with a working period of 200 calendar days. Floating profitability is up to 2% per day, seven days a week, and depends on the volume of the investment package. The investment, depending on the value of the purchased package, is evenly distributed among traders. The use of high-frequency and quantitative trading, as well as electronic-digital technology tools allows high interest rates with minimal risk of losses. The IBPAs can receive additional profit due to linear, mentoring, binary, office and image bonuses. Thus, 6 types of income are available (more detailed information on each of them is available on the company’s official website).

This is just the beginning. Every 2-4 weeks, Antares will bring promising companies to the market, providing new investment opportunities. Our goal is to be as open as possible for our partners, to help them gain financial independence and become the flagships of the new global economy. If you want to independently choose your growth rate and develop your business skills in the MLM industry, then we are here for you. Antares will teach you how to adapt to any situation, see the future clearly and unlock your potential in a team.