150,000 AND Investment Package Now Available for Purchase

Dear partners, we are pleased to announce that, following the Antares roadmap, today, January 7, 2021, together with our partner Catalyst, an investment package with a face value of 150,000 AND has become available for purchase.

The new package will help you take your investments to a higher level, and will also allow you to earn a Linear bonus from the first, second, third and forth lines in addition to the Binary bonus in the amount of 8.5%, 4%, 3% and 1%, respectively. This offer will significantly increase your profits compared to the packages introduced earlier.

Detailed characteristics:

Binary bonus — 12%
Linear bonus of the first line — 8.5%
Linear bonus of the second line — 4%
Linear bonus of the third line — 3%
Linear bonus of the forth line — 1%
Premium on the daily yield — 0.3%
Business days period — 220 days

You can find out more about the conditions and offers, as well as calculate the total monthly profitability on the official website antares.trade. Purchase a 150,000 AND investment package right now.

Antares. Your right choice.