Catalyst Presents a Trading Bot

Dear partners!

Today, April 20, 2020, our partner Catalyst has launched a new product: a cryptocurrency trading robot. So, starting today, every Antares partner with an active investment package receives a lease on the Catalyst trading bot for the entire duration of the investment package for free. The maximum limit of active transactions of your trading bot is twice the volume of your investment package. For example, if your personal investment package is $1,000, then the sum of all the bot’s active transactions should not exceed $2,000.

At the moment, Catalyst has one bot, called Catalyst Bitcoin bot, that works with the BTC-USDT pair. The Binance exchange is available for trading. Please keep in mind that this product is launched in Beta test mode and will improve over time. The range of trading bots will expand and as will the list of available exchanges. Also, shortly we will present a roadmap for the development of Catalyst’s trading bots. We would like to ask you to contribute to improving the functions of the trading bot and send us your feedback.

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