Reliable World-Class Insurance with Largo Insurance

Hello friends, we continue to look into the relevant topics related to Synergy, together with adviser Vasily Egorov. Video is about the cooperation within the framework of international insurance services for Synergy programs.

One of the main principles of the company is to take care of the property of its residents, and in order to protect their financial interests, an insurance program was developed in partnership with Largo Insurance.

We remind you that Largo Insurance is a platform that provides 100% protection for your investments while you are waiting for the fulfillment of obligations. Largo Insurance has been operating since 2019. At present, its capitalization is more than $ 350 million, and the daily trading volume is millions of dollars. This is the first platform in the world that uses its own cryptocurrency Largo Coin as a security tool for transactions.
Vasily will tell you what backs Largo Coin, on which exchanges the coin is traded now and where it will appear later, what benefits investors get, and why insurance offers from Largo Insurance are more profitable than others in the market. You will also learn about many other important facts about the cooperation between Largo Insurance and Synergy Group.

We remind you that on May 22, we held a meeting with Largo’s adviser Azam Shaghaghi, who works in the financial industry as an analyst and is a contributor to the Huffington Post, Medium, and STEM Magazine. During the meeting, she answered some frequently asked questions. You can watch the recording of this press conference at any time on our YouTube channel.

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