Introducing a New Program, Union Profit Team

Dear partners, we are very excited to present you with the new Union Profit Team program developed by Antares to promote Global Trade Union.

It is a global hedge fund that uses macro strategies in its trading sessions. It has been operating for more than 5 years and has been showing steady and stable business growth throughout the entire period. The unique Global Trade Union’s tools provide an opportunity to generate high returns with low risk for investors worldwide.

The Union Profit Team program’s main advantage is the internal currency, UND, and the monthly yield of 20 to 75%, depending on the investment period. You can choose any program duration—from 1 to 12 months—after which the return is accrued, and the investment deposit is fully returned.

By taking an active part in this program, you can get additional income with:

– Step bonus
The percentage calculated according to the compression rule and depending on your percentage qualification.
Percentage qualification is the level that an IBPA receives when certain conditions are met, such as the total volume of personal investment packages, the volume of investment packages of personally invited partners, the volume of investment packages in the structure at an unlimited number of levels.
An example of compression: if a partner has a 5% qualification and yours is 9%, your reward will be 9% – 5% = 4%.

– Mentor bonus
Compensation in the amount of 75 AND to 140,000 AND for reaching a new level of the Mentor status.

– Office bonus
Up to 1.2% of the volume of purchased investment packages of all IBPAs connected to the consultation center.

Buy investment packages, attract new partners, and earn more with Union Profit Team.

Antares. Your right choice.