1$ is a lot if there are a lot of us

Dear partners, remember today’s date! Because today, November 11, 2020, we launched Antares Fund!

This means that the Antares platform, with its developed infrastructure, has organized a fund that allows people to post and implement socially significant projects on it. You can support a promising startup right now

Looker is a mobile app that generates outfits based on your preferences. With it, you can forget about the agonizing hours spent in the store and the frustrations of bad purchases. This app has several advantages: it takes into account your body measurements, the looks you liked on social networks, allows you to track the status of your clothes, creates looks from your wardrobe, and much more.

Go to the official Antares Fund and Looker websites right now and help the startup develop further because support is important!

Antares Trade. Your right choice.