A New Volkswagen Tiguan for $20,000 

More and more people join our Synergy programs. Recently, Gulchachak Islamova bought a brand new Volkswagen Tiguan under the Synergy Auto program with a benefit of 11 212.13$!

Gulchachak learned about Synergy through the Antares platform, where she managed to build a large and friendly team from different cities of Russia in 9 months and achieve the Level 11 Mentor status. 👏

“I decided to take part in Synergy’s 60/60 car program, and exactly 2 months later, the company transferred the necessary amount to my account to buy a new Volkswagen Tiguan, the market value of which is 28030.33$. I have long dreamed of giving my eldest son a new car as a graduation gift, and now my dream has come true! Everything in this world is real, you just have to be brave enough to act”, Gulchachak shared in a video testimonial about Synergy.

Watch the full video, share it with your partners, and participate in our programs! Perhaps, soon we will share your story about the goals you achieved and dreams you fulfilled together with Synergy.