Amazing Results of Antares’s Partner

Generous promotions from Antares and Nexus have ended, and members continue to receive prizes!

Meet our partner!

Igor Zhukov is a platform partner who achieved the level 14 Mentor status in 67 days starting from zero and won not only premium Apple devices but also a Mercedes E-class. He proved that nothing is impossible! Igor is pursuing a career in programs such as Binar Profit Team and Robot Profit Team and has also applied to participate in Synergy Auto.

We congratulate our partner and remind you that Catalyst Apple Octoberfest is open until the end of this month. With just 1 eligibility requirement, you can get a 13’’ MacBook Pro (256GB) + iPhone 11 Pro Max (256GB) + 11’’ iPad Pro (256GB + wi-fi + cellular) + Apple Watch 6 + AirPods Pro.

It took Igor Zhukov a little over two months to achieve such incredible results, and each of you has such a chance. Don’t miss it!

Start participating in Antares programs right now, and maybe next time we will write about you.