Catalyst Bitcoin Bot: What is It for and How Does It Work?

Making a profit from trading is possible only if you follow the change in exchange rates around the clock. But is it really possible? Our partner Catalyst—with 25 years of experience in trading—knows the answer perfectly well: yes, it’s possible. If you are using the Catalyst Bitcoin Bot.

What makes the Catalyst Bitcoin Bot an indispensable helper?
1️. Lack of emotions, which could easily lead to a mistake.
2️. Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without breaks and days off.
3️. Has simple yet effective features.

The bot works on a simple principle: it buys Bitcoin when its rate drops and sells it when the price rises. The ease of use makes the Catalyst Bitcoin Bot suitable even for beginners, and the company’s additional services for activation, configuration, and technical support make the experience even more accessible. And Catalyst investors can use it for free!

Access the bot from the “Trading Bot” tab in your Antares account. By clicking on the generated link to the Catalyst website and entering your username and password, you can set it up, connect it to the Binance exchange and, if necessary, get technical support.