Coin Capitalization Cryptocurrency Monitoring Service

Antares is building its own ecosystem. The company is actively building partner relations in order to offer more opportunities to invest in promising and proven companies and is also developing its own programs, which are much in demand due to the lack of decent market offers.

The company’s experts have put together all the best cryptocurrency management tools in one application —Coin Capitalization. Antares analyzes its products, collects user feedback, and continuously optimizes its programs and services.

In this Coin Capitalization update, we:
1. Improved the interface
2. Added a dark theme
3. Fixed bugs and errors
4. Optimized the application speed

In the next update we will add:
1. Block explorer for Ethereum
2. New languages

Coin Capitalization is a new generation cryptocurrency exchange monitoring service. Now, you only need one program to analyze the cryptocurrency market. There are many updates ahead that will ensure Coin Capitalization will continue to be the best cryptocurrency application for many years to come!

Download and try the Coin Capitalization app.

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