How to register a partner with Antares?

We continue our series of tutorials-posts to help you to take advantage of all the capabilities of our platform. We’ve just talked about how to buy an investment package in Line Profit Team, and today we’ll explain how to register new Antares partners.

Option №1 — Referral link
You can find your referral link on the Dashboard page of your account. When registering, the future partner must indicate it in the “Inviter’s ID/email” field, his email and register.

Option №2 — Landing page
A landing page is a unique tool for attracting new partners. It allows not only to tell about Antares in detail but also to easily register a new member via your automatically attached referral link. All you need to do is copy the landing page address from your personal account in the Promotional materials section and send it to a potential partner.

Option №3 — Email invitation
Enter the partner’s email in the Partner Structure section of your personal account. After that, registration instructions with your referral link will be sent to this email address.

Use one of these options, develop your affiliate structure and earn more with Antares.