Insure Your Investments and Expected Returns with Antares

Dear partners, we offer reliable and high-quality financial instruments and cooperate only with partner companies that have been carefully checked according to 138 parameters and meet international financial standards.

However, for the most cautious investors, we offer 2 capital protection packages: Investment Protection and Profit Protection. These insurance programs have been operating since the first days of the platform’s launch and provide a 100% guarantee of the return of insured funds in Binar Profit Team, Line Profit Team and Step Profit Team. The insurance fund is a subsidiary of Antares Capital Protection Ltd., registered in the UK. Its authorized capital is £20 million, which is more than $27 million.

How are these capital protection packages different?

1️. Investment Protection fully protects the invested funds for only 10% of the investment product’s value and depends on the return received for this product.

2. Profit Protection protects the expected return on an investment program. The package cost is 10% of the expected profit and depends on the return received.

We appreciate the work of each partner, especially in areas such as promoting insurance programs. Therefore, we provide bonuses in three levels of the affiliate structure: for the purchase of capital protection packages by partners in the 1st line, you will receive 20%, 10% in the 2nd line, and 5% of the cost of the purchased capital protection package in the 3rd line to your Transaction Wallet.
You can get referral bonuses only if you have your own activated capital protection package. If you have an Investment Protection package, you get referral bonuses only for the purchase of these packages in your structure. To receive referral bonuses from the purchase of Profit Protection packages, you must have a Profit Protection capital protection package activated.

You can purchase insurance in your personal account at the link:
Go to the “Capital Protection” section and choose the option you need. Be confident in the future with Antares!

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