Looker: Create Your Outfit

Dear partners, quite recently—on November 11, 2020—we launched Antares Fund and supported one startup. If you have not seen the news about this event, then read it here: https://t.me/antrtrade/478.

Today, we will tell you about the main and most exciting feature of Looker: creating outfits with the user’s wardrobe. The mobile app will be able to create looks in two ways:

Option №1 — Saved looks
Depending on the weather and the filters set, the app will generate looks from ready-to-wear and user-saved outfits.

Option №2 — Random looks
Depending on the weather and the filters set by the user, the app will generate different looks. They will be based on popular outfits on the web and take into account the possibilities of the wardrobe.

Note that the app will be able to distinguish between clothes color, type, style and patterns for a more accurate match with the style you like. The more outfits the user saves, the more accurate the selection of clothes from his own items becomes.

Antares Fund supports important projects that, in one way or another, solve global and social problems. Right now, each of you can help Looker grow!