Meet Antares’s New Partner, Aristo

Dear friends, not so long ago we have teamed up with a new partner, and today we will tell you more about it.

Aristo Investment Management is a quantum hedge fund that successfully trades in the global financial markets and has been responsible for the trust management of private investors’ funds since 2004. Its peculiarity is that highly qualified Aristo specialists strictly adhere to mathematical and statistical methods, and use more than 10,000 algorithms that calculate the probability of a rise or fall in prices.

In November 2020, the hedge fund entered into an agreement with Antares, which resulted in the Step Profit Team program, a marketing strategy to promote Aristo. It provides an investment yield of up to 1.5% per day for 400 calendar days and allows you to receive additional profit with 3 types of bonuses. Learn more about this program from the video or on the official website Please note that this video is available in 19 languages on our YouTube channel.

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