Message from Antares CEO Alex Richter

In today’s video message, Alex Richter, the founder of Antares, shared the results of the month, and also spoke about the ambitious plans for October.

The first month of fall immediately set an excellent pace for the development of the company. We are not planning to launch new investment affiliate programs in October. Still, no less important events await us, thanks to which everyone will have the opportunity to bring their business to a new level.

September highlights:
– We launched our own cryptocurrency exchange—Antares Exchange—which does not charge a commission from users around the world
– Nexus shipped over 20 iPhone and other Apple devices to the participants of the Leadership Start with Nexus program
– On September 15, the 5th investment affiliate program Robot Profit Team was launched. Its product is Antares Crypto Bot
– The price of Antares Token reached $7, and the yield was more than 600% of net profit
– Synergy has updated the website and launched a new program Synergy Moto

Plans for October:
– Conducting the global Synergy Roadshow from 1st to 31st
– Launching a service for posting ads for the sale of goods for cryptocurrency and AND
– Holding a large-scale event in Turkey, where there will be about 100 active leaders from different countries

Watch the video and find out what decision we made regarding one of the strongest MLM companies with a quality physical product. And also learn more about what happened in Antares in September and what awaits the company next month. The recording of the message will available in Spanish with English, French, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi subtitles.