No Time to Think. Act!

There is very little time left before the end of the generous promotion from Antares and Nexus. If you still haven’t joined Nexus Apple Novemberfest, then you should hurry up.

At the moment, each of you has about 10 hours to win up to 9 Apple devices!

The main condition is to have an investment package in the Line Profit Team program with a face value of at least 200 AND and to achieve the Step status of a certain level. Antares Trade is an international company; therefore our partners are located in different time zones. Be careful not to miss the closing of the promotion in your country.

Only the first purchased investment packages are counted towards the fulfillment of the promotion conditions. 50% of subsequently purchased investment packages are counted towards the promotion.

Try your luck right now, and maybe you will become the proud owner of premium Apple devices!