Turn Your Personal Car into an Asset

Dear partners, we are happy to share some fantastic news with you! Today we launched the Car Branding Program, an advertising strategy for promoting the Antares platform by branding personal cars of partners in the Antares corporate style.

By participating in this program, you can receive additional 156 AND every month. To do this, you must meet several requirements and fulfill these simple conditions:

– Live in an agglomeration with a population of over 50,000 people.

– Own a car or minibus that is not public transport, worth at least $7,000.

– Have an investment package of at least 1,000 AND in the Binar Profit Team or Line Profit Team programs.

– In the left column of the personal account menu, select the Car Branding Program tab and apply for the program, confirming your Telegram account, filling in the data about your personal vehicle and attaching the car photos.

– Within 3 calendar days, your application will be approved, and your car will be assigned a certain class.

– Download the vinyl film in Antares style from the official website antares.trade, and apply it to your vehicle, on both sides of the car body. Do not forget to keep the receipts for the money spent on this—we will reimburse the costs within 3 calendar months by paying you in AND equal to the amount spent in any currency at the US dollar rate.

– Send a video message to the Telegram account @AntaresCarBranding, which clearly shows the state of the car with stickers in the Antares style applied to it on both sides, the final mileage of the vehicle, photos of receipts with the money spent on branding the car.

– Done! Within 3 calendar days, closest to the 1st, 11th or 21st day of the calendar month, we will check the video messages you sent, and if you get a positive review, the Car Branding Program will be activated for a month. Next, you will need to send monthly reports to the Telegram account @AntaresCarBranding.

You will be able to receive payments, the amount of which depends on the category of the car and the number of kilometers traveled. For example, for a car worth $ 7,000 with mileage of 500 km, you will be paid 56 AND monthly! And this is the minimum.

You can calculate the profitability of your car, read more about all the conditions and learn about the responsibility for dishonest receipt of funds here https://antares.trade/personal/all/car_branding_program/.

Make the most of Antares’s opportunities, and we wish you success!