Synergy Profit Team: Conditions and Available Programs

Today, we want to remind you that Antares partners have more favorable conditions for participation in Synergy programs. You need to have the level 6 or up Mentor status or an investment package with a deposit of 5,000 AND in Binar Profit TeamLine Profit Team or Step Profit Team, regardless of the Mentor status.

At the moment, the following offers are available:

Synergy Auto
Any car at a discount of up to 70% without installments, loan agreements, and encumbrances
Synergy Moto
Dream motorcycles for 35-50% of the price.
Synergy Home
Residential real estate for 40% or 25% of its value.
Synergy Wedding
Luxurious wedding celebration for half the price and a certificate for $20,000
Synergy Device
Popular devices for 50% off
Synergy Refinance
Debt repayment to financial institutions for 36% of the debt amount
Real estate by installment
Real estate with a down payment from 10%, with a rate of 0% per annum and for up to 15 years
Car by installment
Car with a down payment from 10%, with a rate of 0% per annum and for up to 5 years
Fast auto equity loan
A loan service to solve your financial issues in just a few hours
Synergy Invest
Double your invested funds in just 100 days without explaining the purpose of their use

You can learn more about each program on the Synergy Telegram channel or the company’s official website. Please note that you can apply for participation in installment programs by writing to Synergy’s specialists at

Take full advantage of the Antares platform—choose the programs you like and participate in them!