Monthly Report on the Work of Catalyst Traders

In December, the cryptocurrency market saw an impressive rise in the price of BTC and ETH. The Bitcoin price has been in an uptrend for the entire month, and buyers managed to renew the highs for the whole of the BTC trading on December 27, reaching $28,422. December started at $19,695, with a monthly low of $17,572 on December 11. The growth of the BTC price at the end of the month was an impressive 44.30%!

The cryptocurrency market was marked by the growth not only of Bitcoin but also of most other cryptocurrencies. However, altcoins have lost value in relation to BTC. This is because BTC is the first and most famous cryptocurrency, and the factor of overcoming historic highs of the BTC price also had an impact.

The ETH price also showed good growth in percentage terms, significantly behind BTC. The month’s opening price was $616, the minimum was $530 (on December 9), and the maximum price reached was $748 (December 28). The increase in the price of ETH in December was 21.40%. After the rise in ETH’s value against BTC in November, in December, ETH fell against BTC by more than 10%.

At the end of the month, the cryptocurrency market remains one of the most dynamic and attractive for investors. The good growth and volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market have resulted in excellent profits.

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