​​Why Does Synergy Work as a Co-op?

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the cooperation model. Today we will tell you what it is and why this particular model was chosen as the basis for Synergy’s work.

🔶 Cooperation is a voluntary joint activity of participants, where everyone gets a certain benefit from collaboration. Cooperatives are protected by law, so this model is as convenient and safe as possible.

The main advantages of the cooperative model boil down to several points:

✅ Minimum encumbrances: we don’t need a bank, we don’t need advertising, and there is no extra charge on goods.

✅ No intermediaries: the procedure for making transactions is as simple and clear as possible.

✅ Substantial savings: reallocation of funds helps to purchase goods and services much cheaper.

All this makes it possible for our partners to receive goods and services at a reduced cost, and for us to optimize taxation and freely attract and issue funds to our shareholders based on Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 3085-1.