Message from Antares Founder Alex Richter: January Results. What Awaits the Company Next Month?

Watch a new video message from Alex Richter, in which the founder of Antares shares the company’s results for January and incredible plans for February. Thanks to its partners, Antares continues to grow rapidly, and next month we will launch new programs and products, and much more.

For January we:
– Launched the Great Start Year Promotions
– Launched the Union Profit Team program
– Launched the sale of an investment package with a face value of 150,000 AND in the Binar Profit Team program
– Launched the Antares Forex Bot trading algorithm
– Launched the Forex Bot Profit Team program

Plans for February:
1️. Listing Bococoin (BCC) on the Antares platform
2️. Launch of the Product Profit Team program
3️. Launch of a platform for the sale of training programs Antares Growtech
4️. Launch of sales of a 200,000 AND investment package in the Binar Profit Team program
5️. Launch of the Matrix Profit Team program
6️. Launch of Antares Wallet, a crypto-fiat wallet

The main event of January was the launch of two new programs, one of which allows you to earn up to 75% per month, and the other involves a reliable robot to automate trading in the foreign exchange markets.

You can learn more about these and other events in this video message. Watch it in Spanish with English, French and Russian subtitles. Chinese, Portuguese and Hindi subtitles will be available shortly.