Antares review and unbiased opinion. Should you invest in Antares Trade?

In early March, an interesting project was launched, which caused a good response at the start – Antares Trade. In this article, we will look at all the pros and cons of this project, and also put our assessment. Antares review – read on.


Antares Trade is a platform on the basis of which various investment projects are collected, which use partner programs to promote themselves. Each project has its own conditions and a different affiliate program. At the time of this writing, there is still one direction – cryptocurrency trading. They promise to add new ones approximately every 2 months. It is planned for 6 directions per year. It is noteworthy that the legend is well confirmed, there are video reports on trading on the official YouTube channel.

antares review

This favourably distinguishes Antares from projects of this kind.


Antares review

The president and founder of the company is Alex Richter. He can often be seen at conferences and videos.

Documents and registration

The company is registered in Hong Kong and has all the relevant documents, you can find them on the official website.

Antares is distinguished from most HYIPs by the presence of a document confirming the delivery of a financial activity report. In fact, of course, it does not mean anything, but the fact that the admins are transparent is a plus.

Access to the market

This is Antares’ biggest pain. They announced themselves at the end of March 2020. Just when all countries began to close due to the coronavirus. But they managed to get the kickoff conference in Mexico City.

You can check out the scale of the conference on the official YouTube channel, the conference was excellent.

Seeing such a powerful project, many networkers immediately ran to download it. quarantine did not particularly affect them, they both worked online and continued. This could lead to a sickly quirk, which is not very good. But there are so many things that make kooky not so dangerous. These are the features of the marketing plan and strategy, I will talk about them later.

Antares product overview

Apart from the investment opportunity, Antares trade has its own products. The first product is the Coin Capitalization mobile application, which is already available in the Appstore and Playmarket!

The application is a symbiosis of CoinmarketCap and BlockFolio, where you can collect a portfolio from your cryptocurrency, compare coins and exchanges, and also promises the ability to buy cryptocurrency through it from a bank card.

antares review

I don’t know if this application will extend the life of the project, but it will definitely add seriousness. And this, in turn, can have a positive effect on the term of work, so this is a plus.

Conditions for investors 

Income is accrued after the purchase of an investment package. Daily profit is 0.5-2% per day (on average, 1.01-1.02% per day is obtained), the term of the deposit is 200 calendar days. The yield is floating and changes every day. Depending on the cost of the package, the daily profitability increases,

Payments are made in the local currency AND, the cost of which at the time of publication of the article is $ 1, so for convenience we will calculate in dollars.

Available packages: $ 100 – $ 250 – $ 500 – $ 1000 – $ 2500 – $ 5000 – $ 10000 – $ 20,000 – $ 35,000 – $ 50,000 – $ 75,000 – $ 100,000.

The surcharge to the daily rate of return, depending on the cost of the package, respectively: 0.02% – 0.04% – 0.06% – 0.08% – 0.1% – 0.12% – 0.14% – 0.16% – 0.18% – 0.2% – 0.22% – 0.25%

The maximum yield is 200% of the deposit. After you receive it, your deposit will expire. Potential net profit – 100%.

Deposit currency: BTC, USDT, Perfect money, Payeer. (soon they promise the possibility of replenishment from a bank card)

An important nuance. To make the inflow smooth, there are limits on the maximum deposit from one account. This limit increases as the project develops.

Antares affiliate program review

The affiliate program is multilevel and progressive. Depends on your personal contribution and the scope of the structure. Consists of 5 types of income.

1. Linear Bonus – credited for the sale of an Antares product or service in its affiliate structure. Depending on the package you bought, the number of lines grows from 1 to 3 and the percentage of sales from 3 to 8.5% from the first line, from 0 to 4% from the second line and from 0 to 3% from the third line:

Bonus for sales of partners from 1/2/3 lines, depending on the package you purchased: 3/0/0% – 3.5 / 0/0% – 4/0/0% – 4.5 / 0.5 / 0 % – 5/1/0% – 5.5 / 1.5 / 0% – 6 / 1.5 / 1% / – 6.5 / 2/1% – 7 / 2.5 / 1.5% – 7.5 / 3/2% – 8 / 3.5 / 2.5% – 8.5 / 4/3%.

An important nuance: the declared reward is paid only upon the initial activation of the package by the partner. With a further upgrade, you receive only half of the base reward. For example, if you have a level 3 investment package ($ 500), you will receive 4% from the initial sale in the first line. In case the same partner decides to upgrade their package, you will receive 2% of the amount of their additional payment for the upgrade.

2. Mentor bonus –  is awarded for fulfilling the conditions for achieving Mentor statuses from 1 to 20 levels. Depends on the volume of the structures of your partners from the 1st line.

The main branch is the largest structure in your affiliate network in terms of volume. The minor branch is the second largest structure in your affiliate network. The volume of the side branch is the sum of all other structures besides the main and auxiliary branches. The volume of all branches is considered 5 lines deep.

3. Binary premium. – It is charged for making sales when the left and right branches are evenly filled.

4. Office bonus – 1.8% of the volume of Antares investors connected to the consulting center. You can connect a partner who is not in your structure, but lives within a radius of 200 km from the office.

5. Image premium – accrued once a month from a cash pool equal to 10% of the company’s excess profit. It is distributed among participants who have one of 5 image statuses – Basic, Professional, Master, Coach, Top Leader. Image statuses are assigned depending on the mentor status:

Basic – for Mentor status from 1 to 5 levels; Professional – for Mentor status from 6 to 10 levels; Master – for Mentor status from 11 to 14 level; Coach – for status from 15 to 18 level; Top Leader – for Mentor status level 19 and above. The figure below shows an example of the distribution of the image premium 100,000 AND. As you can see, the higher the status, the fewer members in the company have the same status, and accordingly, the image premium for each member will be higher.

antares review

Important nuances: 

1. After reaching certain career statuses, part of the profit begins to accrue to the operational wallet, from which you can withdraw only in local currency (due to new partners). The further you move up the career ladder and the more you earn, the more funds you can withdraw only through the internal bank.

For example, on the M11 status, Mentor, line and image bonuses can be fully withdrawn only in-house, a binary bonus 50% in-house and only liabilities accruals completely to the bonus wallet, from which you can directly withdraw from the company.

2. As the project develops, other investment areas will be added to the platform. Your structure will be preserved in all projects, however, if you do not make a deposit in a new direction, you will not be able to receive referral income in a new direction.

3. It is also important to remember that the binary bonus will be gradually cut in order to remove unnecessary burden on the project. This is inherent in the Antares mechanism.

4. Partner efficiency ratio (CEP) – the number by which the income received in the project (for the investment and partnership program) is multiplied. It ranges from 0.9 to 1.1. Depends directly on first line sales made in the previous month. The minimum coefficient is 0.9 for zero sales, the maximum coefficient is 1.1 for sales of 15,000 AND and above.

Pros of the project

  1. An interesting idea for a multi-project site where different investment directions are added.
  2. Powerful expensive content on the site, it is clear that we have prepared thoroughly.
  3. Video reports on trades
  4. Its own mobile application is available in Appstore and Playmarket and its own payment system Interpay.
  5. Limits on the maximum deposit from one account, which increase as the project develops.
  6. An interesting affiliate program that differs in different platform projects.
  7. To grow up the career ladder, you need to constantly buy personal investment packages with a higher denomination, and to participate in a partner in new platform projects, you need to make new deposits. This can extend the lifespan quite well.
  8. The affiliate program has a partner’s efficiency coefficient, which motivates to constantly attract investments to the first line.
  9. After reaching certain career statuses, part of the profit is credited to the operational wallet, from which you cannot directly withdraw, you can only sell the internal bank to new investors. It also has a positive effect on the lifespan of the topic.
  10. Binary bonuses will be systematically cut in order not to create unnecessary load.
  11. New investment directions promise with more favorable conditions for investors, but with worse conditions for the affiliate program, which should also reduce the load.
  12. Webinars in different languages
  13. Offline motion Offices are starting to open in different cities, which is very good.

Antares Review – Cons of the project

  1. Kakidon at the start.
  2. The project is from Russian-speaking admins and is mainly focused on the CIS.
  3. The project is complex enough, it reduces conversion.

Antares Review – Summary

Before us is a rather powerful and detailed project with a complex technical part, its own payment and a mobile application. A lot of all sorts of chips that promise to extend the life of the project. Quality content on the website and in social networks, webinars, directors and documents. If this project started in a quiet time, I would have made it the flagship of my investment portfolio. But, as I already said, in order to move such a machine, it is necessary to launch offline presentations, and due to the pandemic, no one knows when this will happen. This uncertainty makes the project much more risky than it could be. But that’s not all the shoals! From the start, a lot of people entered the project, which led to additional workload. But it cannot be denied that the project has a lot of chips that are aimed at continuing its life. Are they enough I don’t know for the project to live at least a year, but it can work out. If bans on public events are soon lifted, this will greatly help development.

In view of all of the above, I made the decision to add Antares Trade to my recommended investment portfolio! Of course there is a risk. But the profit potential is also very good. I will monitor the situation. If you also want to invest in Antares – below is the instruction.