Incredible Results of Round 1 of the Token Sale

Dear partners, we are very excited to share the good news: 750,000 BCC allocated for in the second half of the 1st stage of the Token Sale were all bought up 2 days before the end of the round!

As you already know, Round 1 of the Token Sale is being held from February 1 to February 10, 2021. During this period, each of you had the opportunity to purchase BCC at $0.6 for 1 coin, but today there are no more available Boco Coins. However, if you weren’t able to buy the coin for $0.6, don’t worry! After all, the 2nd round of the Token Sale starts this Thursday, February 11, 2021, and you can buy Boco Coin for $0.7.

On March 3, 2021, Boco Coin will be listed on the first exchange at an initial price of $1. That is, in 23 days, a new Coin Profit Team program will appear on the Antares platform and will provide each partner with the opportunity to multiply their profits by staking BCC.

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