Message from Antares Founder Alex Richter: Antares Forex Bot

Dear partners, not so long ago, Antares Forex Bot, a bot for automated trading in the currency markets, was added to the list of the platform’s robots. We believe this is an excellent tool for distributing investment flows in different segments. Alex Richter recorded a video message in which he spoke in detail about diversification and the new robot.

Watch the video below and find out:

1️. How to start using Antares Forex Bot
2️. If the platform has access to your funds and account
3️. How many times you need to pay for the robot
4️. Antares Forex Bot’s work term
5️. When you can withdraw your deposit and the profit earned by the robot
6️. Why we chose Roboforex among brokers
7️. How long it takes to withdraw funds from Roboforex
8️. What types of Antares Forex Bot are available at the moment
9️. If the funds are returned in case the robot uses up the entire trading deposit
10. The depth of the affiliate program on the Roboforex broker

Alex Richter also spoke about his experience in trading and shared his expert opinion regarding Antares Forex Bot. We believe that every ambitious investor should have this robot in his portfolio. Watch the video message in different languages and see for yourself.

Please note that the video is available in four languages: Spanish, English, Russian and French. To watch it with Chinese, Portuguese or Hindi subtitles, follow the Spanish version’s link and select the language you want.

Watch in English:
Watch in Spanish:
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