Introducing Great Spring Promotions

April Fool’s is a traditional day for pranks and hoaxes, but this is no joke! We are launching a new promotion, based on the beloved system of PV bonuses.

That is, from April 1 to May 31, 2021, for every 100 AND (SD or BCC) attracted to the first line in the programs participating in the promotion, you will be credited with a certain amount of PV. You can spend them in Antares Promotion Shop on gadgets, watches, cars and much more.

Almost all programs on participate in Great Spring Promotions. Namely: Binar Profit Team, Line Profit Team, Step Profit Team, Options Profit Team, Synergy Profit Team, Union Profit Team, Token Profit Team, Robot Profit Team, Forex Bot Profit Team, Coin Profit Team, Matrix Profit Team.

Please note that 50% upgrades or repeat purchases count towards the promotion. And if you have over 10,000 PV (SD or BCC), then the platform will fulfill any of your wishes within the limits of the accrued PV.

Read more about the new promotion on our website, earn extra PV bonuses and exchange them for valuable prizes from Antares!

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