Cryptocurrency on the Antares Trade platform

A sophisticated financial ecosystem

Antares Exchange

Antares Exchange is an easy-to-use and fast crypto trading platform that comes with a secure wallet to help users to trade crypto easily. The platform has also been designed with the latest technologies, allowing the efficient trade of cryptocurrencies. Antares offers numerous options for anyone who wants to make a profit from trading or participating in the project. The services include binary profit, line profit, robot profit, step profit, union profit, coin profit, etc. However, the scope of this article is to discuss two of its most interesting programs: its DeFi token, Boco Coin, and the Antares Crypto Bot.

Boco Coin

Boco Coin is Antares’ decentralized finance (DeFi) token that “aims to equalize the ability of people to obtain full-range financial services in any location in the world with state-of-the-art e-services.” Described as the technological and financial instrument of the new age, the coin has been developed to make financial transactions transparent, efficient, and inclusive. 

As we all know, mainstream financial systems run by fiat currencies have been out of reach for many people, especially those from the developing world who are not able to access banking services. According to World Bank reports, about 30% of adults do not have formal bank accounts worldwide, and this number is mostly from the developing world. Boco Coin focuses on sealing this hole to ensure these disadvantaged groups can access financial services to change their lives. The DeFi token is expected to achieve this goal with the help of the Bococoin Blockchain Network, Antares crypto bots, and Bococoin wallet among other apps. 

Boco Coin is designed to fulfill some of the most desired features of a cryptocurrency, including high transaction speed, timestamp security features, low transaction costs to facilitate more financial access to the world’s unbanked, and wide coverage to revolutionize global financial payment systems. The latter is targeted at reaching out to the unbanked populations of the developing countries in South & East Asia, Asia-Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

More importantly, for investors, Boco Coin has great rewards for those who participate in the project, including highly competitive yields from the token freezing ranging from 0.4% to 1.2% per day for a period of 60 to 100 days. The yield reward percentage is dependent on two factors: how long you put coins into the freeze and the volume of your BCC tokens.

Antares Crypto Bot

The project established a robot trading tool to help users of the platform not miss important events on the trading trend. The Antares crypto bot is used as a marketing strategy to promote the exchange and ensure traders don’t miss important trading algorithms to make a profit. Based on the terms of use, the project invites depositors to earn on a typical copay plan. 

The project promises to invest money indefinitely and receive a yield of 25-40 per month. A part of this deposit can be withdrawn anytime. Based on the purchase of a license from the available 8 tariffs, which ranges from a minimum deposit of $20 to a maximum of $5000. The yields from the license purchased an average between 25% and 40% per month. However, the more expensive the license, the lower commission one pays, which translates to higher earnings.

Final thoughts 

Antares Trade is an interesting project with some of the most interesting features, including its BCC token and the Antares crypto bot. Therefore, anyone with an eye for a new project with massive prospects will stop just to take a look at the possibilities the project offers investors, both in the present and future.