Is Antares Trade a Ponzi scheme?

Addressing the disinformation floating around

Antares Trade is a platform based on which various investment projects are collected, which use partner programs to promote themselves. Each project has its own conditions and a different affiliate program. Many think that Antares Trade is a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme; however, it has nothing to do with it. 

What is a Ponzi scheme? 

Basically, the Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud similar to a pyramid where earlier investors enter the scam thinking that they are earning a profit of legitimate business but are actually enriching because of the money of later investors, who also are unaware of the real purpose of the scheme and enter this vicious circle that promotes the first investors and ruins the later ones. 

Exemplifying, think that you discovered an “X” company which sells perfume and you trust their product and decide to invest in it, but what you do not know is that this company can’t sustain itself by selling perfume. Actually, they do not even want to sell it. To sustain itself, the “X” company calls the attention of other investors, who will give more money to this company that does not even have a solid product; this is a Ponzi scheme, a scam where the company earns money by bluffing to other investors. 

How We Make Money 

We are a platform that aims to create our community and a development model to promote startups, investment companies, and MLM. It’s a model based on a referral system to scale partner companies and reduce marketing costs, improving their financial performance. The Antares community is one of the parts of Antares, which can look like a Ponzi scheme for those who do not have an in-depth understanding of our project, primarily because of its affiliate program.

An urgent need has appeared on the market to develop high-tech management systems in order to enable market players to manage work more efficiently. Antares, an international company, has developed such a system. We connect the seller with the consumer, and when supply meets demand, we make profit from commissions. We ensure that companies on the platform have unlimited scaling opportunities and reduce the product cost by cutting promotion expenses. 

Partners gain substantial rewards for recommendations and the opportunity to build their own network. Investors get access to the most profitable companies and promising startups. According to financial experts at Morgan Stanley, in the next decade 90% of the market will use professional MLM distribution platforms.

How does the community work? 

After partner companies undergo a thorough multi-stage audit to make sure they comply with the highest financial and marketing standards, they can finally be part of our community. There we provide exclusive affiliate tools to generate passive income. The affiliate becomes a part of the company and starts to profit with it by being part of its marketing and receiving a percentage of its profits. 

The difference between us and Ponzi schemes is that the investor really earns money with its growth. At the same time, scams get bigger by attracting more investors to a company that can’t even sustain itself with its products and/or services. 

Antares is a platform where you can invest in trustworthy companies, enrich yourself, and learn about business and marketing, a trustful idea that has everything to be great in a few years.