Antares now valued at more than $400 million

Time to take Token Profit Team seriously

Dear partners, In November 2020 we published (, a pdf report stating that the platform was worth $114,636,906. As promised, this wasn’t the end result!

Recently, on May 28, 2021, Advantage Commercial Brokers, Inc. performed an independent assessment of Antares Trade. According to this report, the value had risen to $414,027,865 You will also find the following information in the new document:

– The purpose and methodology of the report;

– Company description and key indicators of the industry

– Summary of financial statements and overview of the company;

– Analysis of scenario and key performance indicators for the company;

– Next steps and more

Do you have a vision of the future? Or are you still pondering whether you should invest in Token Profit Team.

We remind you that the platform will have an IPO on February 22nd 2022. This will allow current partners to exchange tokens for shares at a rate of 1 ANT = 200 share, and earn over 100,000% profit.

Please share the following document with your partners. Make use of all the Antares ecosystem’s capabilities and you will be the proud owner of an ever-growing financial instrument under the Token Profit Team program.