Understanding MLM Bonus Compensation Plans

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Binary MLM strategy is an established network marketing compensation plan employed by many highly successful MLM businesses. The new distributors added by affiliates are added on the right or left hand side. Upon adding two new distributors on either side of the binary tree, a binary network structure is formed. This Binary MLM strategy is no secret and has a proven track record.

This Binary MLM strategy has been developed after many years of successful industry experience with many well-paying distributors in various Multi-level Marketing (MLM) programs. The idea is very simple. The affiliates add new distributors to the right leg of the binary tree. As new levels are achieved, the new distributors are moved to the left. This has the effect of continually adding new distributors to each level as new binary branches or “branches” are created.

Binary MLM compensation plans are not only used in Network Marketing, but are also quite successful in the independent sector. A well-established Binary MLM company often has a wide network of frontline distributors and their numbers tend to grow exponentially. Some multi-level marketers believe that once a distributor makes it to a certain MLM level, the MLM business does not need any additional work from the distributor’s end. This is not the case and continual effort is required on the part of the distributor to become more educated and experienced. It is also necessary for the distributor to find out what the needs of the public are in order to build the necessary base of distributors. Many successful MLM businesses require a lot of effort on the part of their frontline distributors to provide value to their customers.

Because MLM compensation plans are meant to be long term, many multi-level marketers find it very difficult to change distributors on a frequent basis. The binary MLM plan was made to solve this problem by using a predetermined level of commission for each distributor. In order to gain acceptance amongst members of an MLM company, the MLM Binary Plan ensures that new distributors are able to earn the same level of commissions as their more experienced colleagues. In many cases the MLM Company’s Income Opportunity contract also stipulates a minimum level of commission that can be earned by a distributor. This prevents an inexperienced distributor from earning an inadequate amount of commissions.

There are several MLM binary plans available on the internet. Many of these programs are designed to make it simple for almost anyone to use. They are relatively inexpensive and usually come with excellent support. The important thing is to do your due diligence and find a plan that fits your personality and budget best. You will be much happier if you do your homework before you sign up for a MLM Binary program.

Another way that distributors earn commissions is through a MLM Company’s downlines. A downline is essentially a sales team that the distributor recruits and chooses to join. They work together in what is called a “downline” to promote the product(s) and services of a particular company. Distributors can only earn commissions from their downlines. Each month they earn a bonus for the number of distributors in their downline that they have recruited. It should be noted that this bonus is only applicable once a month, while the distributor’s primary income can be earned daily.